12 Ways To Make Your House Feel Expensive (For Cheap!)

These are some great tips for all you 20-somethings adjusting to making your apartment look less like you’re still in college!

Thought Catalog

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Once you hit a certain age, it becomes decidedly less charming to live in a crappy college-style house OR a bland, personality-less apartment that looks exactly the same as all the other apartments in the building. After you get a job that keeps you out of your home for hours and/or stresses you out, your home becomes your refuge and you yearn for it all day.

But moving and decorating and, essentially, creating a Home versus just a Place to Crash is expensive. And if you spend a ton of time on Pinterest pinning a dream home, you start to think there’s no way you could pull together anything that cute and enviable.

You can! It’s not that hard. You just have to be smart about it. I just moved into a big, newly renovated old house and we’ve started to fill it up with beautiful things and make it…

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