A Summer Of Many Firsts


After a gruelling and difficult first half of the year, I was stoked that I was moving into a new neighbourhood and done college. I wanted to experience more of what my twenties has to offer and somehow wanted to do my best to have a good summer despite my hardships. I didn’t vow that I would try new things, I just knew I would be and wanted to start gaining some self-esteem back.

The following is a list of many firsts I’ve been able to accomplish this summer. I’ve come a long way since earlier this year and would never thought I would’ve managed to do these things. As painful this summer has been to some degree, it’s also been rewarding too. Feel free to read on my list and if you have suggestions for things I should do, I would be happy to try them out! I do have a few weeks left of summer weather!

1. This summer I started drinking cider! Finally something aside from my usual mixed drinks! I’m trying to transition to beer but with what I see from cider, it really makes you burp! Ha!

2. I started doing yoga once a week over a month ago. I really enjoy it because it’s that one time a week where I don’t think of what’s stressing or troubling me and I’m solely focusing on the present. I’ve always been plagued with a lack of flexibility and I’m hoping this helps. I do yoga literally two steps away from my apartment at Spiritwind Centre and it’s PWYC. So it’s incredibly wallet friendly and there’s never that many people there. This might change come fall and winter. I plan to keep going for as long as I can. My friend went with me today and she’s noticed a big change in my demeanour today.

3. I went to glow-in-the-dark mini putt. I had like three hole-in-ones. Thanks Groupon!

4. Drove a seadoo for the first time. Most exhilarating thing I’ve ever done! So much fun!

5. Started buying myself flowers in order to decorate my apartment and make it more home-y. I’ve always adored flowers in vases or hung up on the wall, and even my wardrobe speaks for itself.

6. Saw an outdoor movie that didn’t include a car and a radio.

7. Moved to Kensington Market and I get to experience a lot of culture, sights, and events (most of them being really weird). Ate french Caribbean, Hungarian-styled crepes, and vegan food.

8. Started buying vintage clothing. This is primarily because Kensington has so many vintage clothing shops and I would much rather spend my money on cheap, yet good quality clothing than bike to the mall and lug cheap clothes that will only last me a season. I’m a huge (!!!!) fan of Sub Rosa Vintage on Kensington Avenue.

9.  Also performed karaoke at a bar for the first time. Mind you I needed five drinks and two shots to even be able to sing but it was definitely a blast. One of my close friends has a video of this hilarious moment. All I know is that I’m dancing at some point during this performance. Oh dear.

10. Got my first Toronto phone number. About time!

11. Bought my first bike! I go everywhere with it!

12. Called the cops on a homeless man for the first time. He eventually let us back into our apartment.

13. Took my brother to his first concert. A first for the two of us!

I do realize that this list is rather short but this is all I could remember. As I mentioned earlier, I would definitely be up for doing more new and exciting things.

Thanks for reading! Until next time!


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