Nobody Likes You When You’re 23

grad_Fotor_Collage Blink 182 was so right! Or at least to some degree. This year will go down as a year I’d never like to relive ever again. Not to say that other people haven’t experienced worse tragedies or hardships. I’m sure I can’t even come close to their level of trauma. Yet, I dealt with my own. They say your twenties are the most difficult years you’ll experience because you get to know more about yourself and you transform from being dependent young adults to adults with responsibilities, changes, expectations, and debt all at once. I’ve noticed this sort of self-discovery since my early days I moved away from home to Ottawa. Nothing prepared me for the drastic shift I would encounter from January of this year to now. Last Semester of College (While also living in a mice-infested apartment) When I look back at those first few months of 2014, I can’t handle but squint and shudder. Not my finest hour. Not only was I burnt out from my internship, school, and commuting from Toronto to Oshawa and back twice a week via TTC/Go Bus. When I wasn’t at school, on some method of transportation, at my internship, or working on nights and weekends, I was struggling to keep awake and when I wasn’t asleep, I was grumpy and freaking out about my future. Possibly the other reason I was grumpy was because I was living in an old apartment consisting of several mice living within our walls and taking over our kitchen once Christmas had passed. We had to stop buying food and cook because we were afraid to find more mice droppings. We naively thought that if we stopped cooking, they would eventually leave. Oh they did not leave. They stayed for the remainder of our lease (5 months). Heartbreak (Pretty much being constantly punched in the gut for 6 months) Yeah, yeah, yeah. Boy breaks up with girl via text. Girl gets heart broken and loses all self-esteem she had within herself. Boy moves on quickly and he lives happily ever after. Girl buys a shit ton of records, moves to new apartment, and gets a kick ass kitty. Family & Friends Like anything more could get worse right? NOPE. Family and friends very near and dear to me had probably their hardest year to date. I wanted to take away their pain and make it my own. Good people should never have to go through financial hardships, health issues, or loss of loved ones. With what 2014 being a year that wanted to take everything I had or kill me (car accident and a few visits to the hospital — no biggie), it didn’t end me. Evidently there’s someone looking out for me or some significant reason why I made it through this year. Perhaps I won’t find out till next year or many years to come. I do, however, need to address that I had some pretty amazing times this year. 2014 was the year that solidified some of the greatest friendships I now have. Graduation.  Kensington Market (my new home). Reuniting with my old Ottawa roommate at Field Trip. Working Opportunities. Hometown visits. Vintage Clothing Shopping Rituals. Spontaneously going to catch Robyn at Echo Beach. Patio Parties. The best shows and festivals. Montreal with the roommate. Karaoke Bar in MTL that played french music I grew up to. Conquering biking in the city. Rescued a kitty. Visiting with my ol’ nanny & Norm. Motorcycle rides with my pops. Contributing to Thanksgiving (finally!). Yoga. So this year wasn’t all bad. I guess when things do come to an end, you finally see the good things that happened to you. All I need to do for 2015 is realize them when they are actually taking place.


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